WPEngine Review and 75 % discount

WPEngine Review and 75 % discount

WPEngine is a very superior web hosting company whose main aim is just on one: WordPress Hosting. Its whole hosting system proceeds on a WordPress pla

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WPEngine is a very superior web hosting company whose main aim is just on one: WordPress Hosting. Its whole hosting system proceeds on a WordPress platform (no domain manager, cPanel, phpAdmin etc.). If our website is not running on WordPress, you will need to host your website somewhere else.


Why Only WordPress Hosting?

You may question, “Isn’tit foolish to fence your market and aim only on WordPress users?”In fact I was correspondingly surprised when I asked Jason during the interview session. Jason’s reply to this question was “focusing on one thing means we can do a marvelous work”.

So there you go, take it or leave it because this hosting company is all about WordPress. So if you are not a user of WordPress, then this article is not for you and just stops reading further.

But if you are looking for a company who offers serious WordPress hosting, then go ahead and don’t stop reading till it ends as it is a must read for you!

Check this Video: How to Create a New WordPress Installation in WP Engine


My Personal Experience with WP Engine

While this hosting service is something I have never tried in my past, but I have a very positive experience with the company. The company has always lived up to his promises and there are loads of things to share.

One, the site changing procedure was very smooth and hassle free. I did not do much but gave few general instructions to the tech support guy at WP Engine and my site was up and running on this host the next day.

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Sites Load Fast At WP Engine


What I love most about this hosting company is that my site loads much faster than ever before. I’m a WordPress fan boy and not much into the programming stuff.

So there is not much customization or hacking on the WordPress apart from downloading and installing some caching plug-ins. Pointless to say, my site loads in an average speed when it was on old hosting company. Not now anymore.

Things have changed a lot the day I moved. My website’s response time upgraded dramatically (almost by 100%) right after the changing procedure was over and without any tuning from my side.

Surf via their homepage, get into the remaining area of the website, it does not take long formerly you are left with a feeling that hosting should be fast.


While many of the users have driven away after looking at the WP Engine’s price tag, but for me it was very cost efficient (provided I am hosting one domain only).

So let’s do some mathematics. How much does a trustworthy WordPress maintenance plugin or WordPress Security cost? For example, VaultPress charges $40/month, BackupBuddy, as another example costs $75 the smallest.

Now add that up with your usual hosting price – say Hostgator is $7.95/month, that is approximately $50- $80 monthly for using your WordPress in harmless hands.

On the other hand, WP Engine price range starts from $29/month (for one WordPress site).

Now this price includes various stuffs like securities and maintenance highlights consisting of

  • malware scanning,
  • daily backup, managed upgrades,
  • one-click restore point and
  • guarantees from getting hacked.

If you still think that WP Engine is costly, then take a bath with cold water and think again.

What I Love About WP Engine The Most?

WP Engine is a premium WordPress hosting for real! The company’s brilliant crew is what I love the most.

Jason Cohen, Co-founder is the creator behind Code Collaborator; Co-founder, Aaron Brazell has been energetically developing WordPress since the year 2004 and he is the one who wrote the WordPress Bible; and yes, Ben Metcalfe, advisor, who has been developing WordPress for a very long time.

These people are simply experts who knows their work and are actively involved WordPress development from the very old days and have my words, they are the real mechanics behind WordPress.

A Very Reliable Hosting Server!

WP Engine is very strict about its policy of “No-Overselling”. And the web host lets you to get “opaque” whenever required – in a case of rapid traffic spikes or unprepared server outrages, your web traffic flow will be spontaneously rerouted to different servers.

In spite of being in such situation twice (traffic getting increased by 850% for a little more than 4 days); I can see 100% server uptime without any hiccups.

Sites which are hosted on WP Engine are customized through serious of server features and exclusive configurations, i.e. file minifying, WP Engine in-house caching system, Content Delivery Network (this comes along with the hosting service), proxy servers, dedicated memcached servers to give support to W3 Total Cache and so on.

If you need any help for redirecting your Godaddy domain to Wpengine hosting Check this video: 


Assistance When Moving Your Sites

I have one confession to make – I did not move my site by myself during the migration.

Just for the review purpose, I made a request for an assisted movement. I did not install a new copy of WordPress, MySQL transfer was also not done by me, nor any FTP file transfers was done by me; I just filled up a simple form at WP Engine and a guy from technical support named Jeremy got it all done for me.

The conversion process was very smooth and the standard of support I was offered from Jeremy was unmatchable (efficient communication, friendly, and very knowledgeable).

For those guys who get worried about the migration step (especially for those who have a very big WordPress site and their life solely depend on it), calm down, and helpare just a few steps away at WP Engine.

Hacker Cleanup Guarantee

I can sleep better at night when I know I have the company’s Hacker Cleanup Guarantee. So what is it all about? To be precise, WP Engine will clean and fix your site if you are ever hacked – that’s what we need to know as an end user right?

Customer Satisfaction Is Their Motto

They way WP Engine conducts their business, is just remarkable.

In fact, I was shocked when I found out that hosting company intentionally made it easy for their customers to leave.

Firstly, WP Engine gives an easy way for its users to download a full copy of their site, not the general WordPress “Export” option but a complete backup that consists of system files, database, plugins and media uploads.

Secondly, dissimilar to many web hosting companies, WP Engine has a price tag on monthly basis – this in a way forces the company to work energetically to make customers’ business.


Conclusion:  A Thumbs Up To Go With WP Engine?

I do not suggest WP Engine to those who are an amateur to blogging (you should prefer iPage or WebHostingHub instead – you will remember me for giving a much cheaper option).

Also, for those who need more than just WordPress sites, there is no point hanging around here. WP Engine is a rare stone for WordPress users but not the right choice for many newbies.

However, this hosting company is for your taste buds, if,

  • You run a single WordPress site with average to sometimes high level traffics.
  • You think you have a chance of your site striking the main page of Reddit or Stumble Upon.
  • You pay your rents with income which is generated from your WordPress site.
  • You are always worried about DDos attacks and hackers.
  • You don’t want to get a headache by the maintenance job of WordPress.

Then WP Engine is without doubt the right choice of hosting company for you. Make you move as I did with my site and stopped getting worried about my site being hacked or down because of traffic flow.