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How to Setup LEMP On Ubuntu 16.04

This tutorial shows you complete steps to build a working server using Nginx (v1.10.0), Apache 2, MySQL (v5.7.12) and PHP7 (fpm) on Ubuntu 16.04 (cloud/vps) server. As usual, I’ll try my best to put screenshot pics on each step to make sure you can have general picture on how all the ...

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Config Nginx for Best Performance

Generally, a properly tuned Nginx server on Linux can handle 500,000 – 600,000 requests per second. My Nginx servers consistently handle 904k req/sec, and have sustained high loads like these for the ~12 hours that I tested them. It’s important to know that everything listed here was used in a ...

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How to use NginX as reverse proxy Apache

Apache is known as the first and most widely used http server software in the world because of its ability to handle many dynamic applications in large scalability. Furthermore, Apache supports many programming language, some of which are commonly used are PHP, Perl, and Python (complete list can be found ...

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