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OVH VPS review

OVH was back on the vpsbenchmarks.com test platform for nearly 3 weeks in June. Our first experience with OVH back In January was extremely disappointing. This was using one of their cheapest “VPS Classic” plans. This time, we went for the 2GB 2 cores “VPS Cloud 1” plan and that reconciled us with OVH.


The price per month is a flat $15 and it includes the VM bandwidth and storage. That gives OVH an advantage compared to Linode, DO or Vultr which price their 2GB 2 cores plans at $20. However the plan only includes 25GB of disk compared to 40+ GB for competitors.

There is no per hour pricing option, it’s per month.


This is the main weakness of OVH. OVH does not remember payment details from one purchase to the next. This might be the reason why provisioning of the VPS took nearly 6 hours (this is a record). No information of any kind is made available until the VPS is provisioned and ready. The Control Panel is available from the moment you order but quite confusingly, it shows tons of irrelevant data and nothing about the ordered VM until it’s created.

Administration console

Only 1 data center in America and it’s in Beauharnois, Canada.

The Control Panel looks a bit dated but includes all the features you would expect from a VPS provider.



Setup (packages, web application installation along with its data) was quite fast. IOWait was kept in check below 10%.

Website performances

This is where this OVH plan shines. * Average response time: 63ms * Slowest 5% queries response time: 130ms

This is faster than all of the 5 most recent trials except for Ramnode. Compare the numbers on those charts.


There was no outage during the trials.


Outbound port 25 (SMTP) is closed.


Simple: don’t use OVH VPS Classic, use VPS Cloud. At this price and with those performances it’s a no brainer (just plan for a coffee, a nap and a movie between ordering and using the VM).

Full trial data is at http://www.vpsbenchmarks.com/trials/ovh_performance_trial_02Jun2015

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