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MegaVZ – NAT IPv4 machines starting at €3/year (128MB) in the US and Germany

MegaVZ.com_-_2014-11-11_07.41.13Ryan, from MegaVZ, has sent in his first ever offer to LowEndBox. These are LowEndSpirit-style machines and are available in three locations.



More offers inside!

Ryan initially wanted to join Anthony in LowEndSpirit, he writes, but after talking it through he started NanoVZ and MegaVZ on his own with some advice from Anthony. He runs NGINX as a proxy for the NAT’d IP addresses because of his experience with NGINX. Support is limited with these machines, but Ryan says he’s going to be on top of it. A second IPv6 subnet can be added on request. The host nodes for these machines vary per location, for details please see inside. Lenoir and Dusseldorf seem to have RAID1 or better, Los Angeles does not seem to have RAID but it does have SSD-caching. I’m really looking forward to read reviews about MegaVZ because more and more of these kind of services pop up. Please feel free to share your reviews in the comments!




PayPal and Stripe are accepted payment methods. There is no/limited support for these machines. Torrenting or any CPU intensive applications are not allowed. Nodewatch helps them monitor nodes. No refunds are given. For all the ins and outs, please read their full Terms of Service before ordering!

Network information

Dacentec – Lenoir, North Carolina, USA
Test IPv4:
Test IPv6: 2607:5600:0:0:0:0:c7bf:385a

CorporateColo – Los Angeles, California, USA
Test IPv4:
Test IPv6: 2607:fca8:1530::2

ProviderService – Dusseldorf, Germany
Test IPv4:
Test IPv6: 2a02:e00:fffe:fbee:216:3eff:fe0e:a291

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