InMotion VPS Hosting Review

One of the most well-known website hosting companies on the web. They’ve been around for a long time and have a great reputation. I therefore decided VPS Hosting review in Germany
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One of the most well-known website hosting companies on the web. They’ve been around for a long time and have a great reputation. I therefore decided to test their offering so I could report back here on WP Mayor.

I went for a VPS, as this seems to be the major speciality of InMotion hosting. The main questions I needed to answer were these:

  • Is a VPS too difficult to set up and manage?
  • What kind of performance boost can I expect when compared to shared hosting?
  • How is the level of support at InMotion hosting?

Opening an Account

Starting off with Inmotion hosting was fairly straightforward. Just head over to their website, find the package you want (I got VPS 1000) and click the Order now button. Once you complete the sign up process you will receive an email with details on how to access your new server. The main control panel for your account is the Account Management Panel (AMP) and this is where you will go to login the first time. You will be prompted to set up a password, and you will then proceed to login.

inmotion hosting account management panel

Logging in takes us to the main management panel.

inmotion amp

Managing the VPS turns out to be straightforward, in fact I can use the same cPanel I use on other shared hosts I use, so no problem there.

inmotion cpanel

I found no problems at all in starting off my website on the InMotion VPS. In any case, there was always the live chat option (apart from email and phone) to get get in touch with support and get help immediately.


The pricing structure of InMotion hosting is very competitive. They cover all the important bases such as good hardware specs, an easy to use administration environment, and daily backups. You can easily host a number of websites on even the entry level option (VPS-1000).

inmotion vps hosting pricing


The backbone of any support system is a good set of documentation materials, and Inmotion hosting do a great job here, including platform specific guides as well as the more general hosting-related pages that all hosts should have. If you’re starting from zero, you’ll quickly get up to speed by reading through the support section, and if you get stuck live chat is only a few seconds away to help you out.

Apart from live chat, Inmotion hosting also offers 24/7 support via their ticketing system and also via phone. This is the standard service within the web hosting industry, and although I haven’t taxed their support guys too much, I’m confident that they are more than fit for the job.

Managed Hosting

If you’re not comfortable with managing your own server, Inmotion also offer managed hosting services. Managed Hosting gives you one-on-one access with a professional system administrator who will take the time to understand your goals and work with you to achieve them.

inmotion hosting managed

Advantages of Managed Hosting

  • Access to LAMP Experts – They will performance tune your LAMP stack to match your specifications.
  • Custom Solutions – Implementation of solutions that solve your unique challenges.
  • Your Personal Consultants – Get exclusive access to the Inmotion top-tier support team.

So lets say you need a particular WordPress-specific thing done, like migrate a Multisite installation from one domain to another and changing servers at the same time. This is something you’d want to have managed hosting for as it goes beyond what normal tech support can provide, and it is sure to save you a few hours of your time as well.


I have found InMotion hosting to be a very good quality host, no problems at all and my site is now happily settled on its new host, where it loads faster than ever thanks to the increased power that a VPS provides.

The design of the InMotion website is starting to look a bit dated, however the functionality and resources are all there. The support section, for example, is very extensive, and contains platform specific guides, obviously WordPress is in there too.

So if you’re looking for the extra power and liberty that a VPS solution provides, you should definitely be looking at InMotion hosting’s VPS packages.