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Iniz.com yearly 256MB KVM

Iniz, formerly StormVZ, is another great company with whom I’ve had the good fortune of running several servers. I’d like to review my yearly KVM in NYC with them, which I’ve had since February. At $20/year, it’s hard to find a better deal in NYC, one of the less populous markets in the LEB realm due to expense. Yet Patrick has managed to keep the prices reasonable. This package was a promo offered on LEB: 256MB RAM, 10GB disk, 250GB BW, and 2x IPv4.
Iniz doesn’t place highly in top provider polls for no reason. The service is rock-solid in popular locations with a good network. I’ve been running a VPN on this service for a while now with no problem. Fortunately I don’t use as much bandwidth as some people as the bandwidth is the “compromise” on this plan. That’s never been an issue for me, nor has speed due to the gigabit uplink. The service has been stable, unannounced downtime virtually nonexistent. There was a decent amount of downtime when Patrick had to move all of his New York servers due to a disagreement with the former DC. I don’t recall when that was, but as I recall it took a while longer than expected, though this was not his fault.

The servers are now with InfoRelay, which IMHO has a decent network. Iniz has its own ASN, which is a sign to me that they’re not going anywhere. Support is good, with friendly and prompt responses. Either I’m easy to please or I get luck or I pick my providers well – one way or another I’m lucky to count Iniz as one of the providers I trust with my systems, and they’ve not let me down.
FreeVPS.us benchmarks:
CPU model :  QEMU Virtual CPU version (cpu64-rhel6)Number of cores :1
CPU frequency :2099.998MHzTotal amount of ram :242 MB
Total amount of swap :431 MB
System uptime :1 day,15:11,Download speed fromCacheFly:71.6MB/s
Download speed fromColoat,Atlanta GA:26.1MB/s
Download speed fromSoftlayer,Dallas, TX:10.9MB/s
Download speed fromLinode,Tokyo, JP:4.47MB/s
Download speed from i3d.net,Rotterdam, NL:4.79MB/s
Download speed fromLeaseweb,Haarlem, NL:50.5MB/s
Download speed fromSoftlayer,Singapore:2.66MB/s
Download speed fromSoftlayer,Seattle, WA:9.08MB/s
Download speed fromSoftlayer,SanJose, CA:7.40MB/s
Download speed fromSoftlayer,Washington, DC:47.3MB/s
I/O speed :105 MB/s

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