How to install Comodo SSL on VestaCP

How to install Comodo SSL on VestaCP

How to install Comodo’s PositiveSSL certificate on VestaCP. The simple tutorial below will help you how simple is it. VestaCP which is a free to us

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How to install Comodo’s PositiveSSL certificate on VestaCP. The simple tutorial below will help you how simple is it.

VestaCP which is a free to use & open source control panel and it’s becoming popular due to it’s ease of use & nice features. Unlike webmin, vestaCP provides you an easy web GUI to install SSL certificates for websites as it’s there in Cpanel.

The SSL certificate can be bought at cheap price from

PossitiveSSL by Comodo is a strong SSL certificate suitable for general websites, blogs, and even Facebook apps. The PositiveSSL provides low cost and fast online automated validation: No paperwork, no faxes, no delay. The SSL certificate is also powered with industry standard 2048 bit digital signatures and 99.9% browser recognition. It means all modern web browsers in any devices will recognize the certificate (except the 0.1% that’s probably using very ancient PC).

SSL certificate providers require a valid CSR file to issue the Certificate.You can use this online tool to generate the CSR & private key files.comodo_ssl1


Save the generated CSR & private key in seperate files as we need this during installation.


STEP 1: Open your browser & login to your Vesta Control Panel using https://IP-ADDRESS:8083/



STEP 2: Now you will see multiple tabs. Click on Tab “WEB” & after clicking on this you will see a plus symbol icon
Clicking on this icon will open up a page to add your domain details.


STEP 3: Here we will be providing details of our domain name & SSL certificate details.
Domain: Provide the name of your domain
IP Address: Select the correct IP address of your server
DNS Support: Check this option if you are managing DNS records on VestaCP
Mail Support: Check this option if you are managing email accounts on VestaCP

clicking on “ADVANCED OPTIONS” will open up settings where we can configure SSL, FTP & some other features

Alias: Provide any additional domain names for this site. Example :
Proxy Support: This option should be checked
SSL Support: Enable this option & install your SSL certificate as below

SSL Home: You can leave it as default public_html or it needs to be changed to public_shtml if you want to serve HTTPS site from this directory.
SSL Certificate: Paste the contents from www_serverliving_com.crt
SSL Key: Paste the private key which you generated using

SSL Certificate Authority/Intermediate:
Combine the following certificates into one file using text editor & paste the contents in this section.
(Maintain the correct order as shown below)


Once all the entries are added. Save the configuration by clicking “SAVE” button.comodo_ssl5


If the installation is successfull, you should see message saying “Domain has been added successfully”

I always get B rating at test. That’s understandable because I installed Comodo PositiveSSL on Vestacp with 1 IP (shared with other domains) while normally (recommended) SSL can only be installed on a domain with dedicated IP. But thanks to Server Name Indication (SNI) technology implemented in Vestacp so users can now use SSL without requiring a dedicated IP. The main disadvantage of SNI is the fact that it is not compatible with:

  • Windows XP + any version of Internet Explorer (6, 7, 8, 9)
  • Internet Explorer 6 or earlier
  • Safari on Windows XP
  • BlackBerry Browser
  • Windows Mobile up to 6.5
  • Nokia Browser for Symbian at least on Series60
  • Opera Mobile for Symbian at least on Series60