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DigitalOcean.com Review 2014

Why should you get a VPS from Digital Ocean?

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Benefits getting a VPS from Digital Ocean:

  • All machines uses high speed SSD disks
  • It’s based on KVM virtualization
  • Multiple Locations
  • Free DNS
  • Scalable and affordable for everyone




This part it has been discussed many times, it’s clearly that SSD’s are 10x times faster that normal HDD (Hard Disk Drive).
Using SSD disks that you can increase your site / application ten times more quickly and reduce the CPU usage and also the power consumption.
In term of sites you can gain higher rankings only if your site is loading fast. Google loves speed and users too.

KVM virtualization

Many VPS provides use OpenVZ virtualization instead of KVM, because they can make overselling.
OpenVZ it’s only a software virtualization and KVM it’s a hardware virtualization, that means on OpenVZ you share the resources of that server with others. On KVM all resources are 100% dedicated to your VPS and other VPS users can’t affect you if they are using more resources, only their own VPS will get slower.
Summary of KVM virtualization:

  • KVM resources are 100% dedicated
  • Can’t make oversell
  • Others can’t slow you down
  • More secured

Multiple Locations VPS

You can choose your SSD VPS from multiple locations from US and Europe.
US location(s): San Francisco, New York Data Center 1, New York Data Center 2 (in Google’s building)
EU location(s): Amsterdam Holland


Free geographically redundant DNS hosting to all customers. That means you don’t no more to install a DNS server like BIND or tinyDNS and you have more resources for your site or application.

Scalable and affordable for everyone

You can scale up / down your VPS resources, depending how much you need.
And yes, it’s affordable, the cheapest SSD VPS starts at 5$/month or 0.007$/hour

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