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DigitalOcean.com Promo Code for March 2015 $20 off

DigitalOcean.com was founded in 2012, New York. There are four data centers currently in Amsterdam, the Netherlands, New York and San Francisco of United States,and Singapore(six nodes). They use of KVM virtualization, high-performance SSD for storage configuration. SSD hard drives will improve performance of your site dramatically, from faster disk io performance. The minimum monthly payment as low as $5. Over 140000 developers deploy to Digitalocean. With One-click install apps, you can install your favorite applications on your cloud server. Such as launch a wordpress site on your cloud server just 55 seconds. In rebliability, Digitalocean provide a 99.99% uptime network, power and virtual server availiability. It use multiple tier-1 network providers to ensure redundancy and capacity.

 Coupon code: TWITTER914  get $20 discount. Try it now.

Coupon code: DO10  get 10$ discount. Try it now.






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