New York 512 MB KVM review New York 512 MB KVM review

Provider: Digital Ocean Plan: KVM 512mb VPS Price: 5$ per month Location: New York Purchased: 03/2014 Hardware information: cat /proc/cpu

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LVPSHosting – $6.99 512MB vSwap OpenVZ VPS in Albasserdam, Netherlands
VPSNodes: $5/month (2GB RAM) and $3.75/month (1GB RAM) VPS in Dallas, Buffalo, or Los Angeles

Provider: Digital Ocean
Plan: KVM 512mb VPS
Price: 5$ per month
Location: New York

Purchased: 03/2014

Hardware information:

  • cat /proc/cpuinfo
    processor       :0
    vendor_id       :GenuineIntel
    cpu family      :6
    model           :2
    model name      : QEMU Virtual CPU version 1.0
    stepping        :3
    microcode       :0x1
    cpu MHz:1999.999
    cache size      :4096 KB
    fpu             : yes
    fpu_exception   : yes
    cpuid level     :4
    wp              : yes
    flags           : fpu de pse tsc msr pae mce cx8 apic sep mtrr pge mca cmov pse36 clflush mmx fxsr sse sse2 syscall nx lm rep_good nopl pni vmx cx16 popcnt hypervisor lahf_lm
    bogomips        :3999.99
    clflush size    :64
    cache_alignment :64
    address sizes   :40 bits physical,48 bits virtual
    power management:
  • cat /proc/meminfo
    MemTotal:502740 kB
    MemFree:392044 kB
    Buffers:10640 kB
    Cached:46556 kB
    SwapCached:0 kB
    Active:36188 kB
    Inactive:37328 kB
    Active(anon):16348 kB
    Inactive(anon):200 kB
    Active(file):19840 kB
    Inactive(file):37128 kB
    Unevictable:0 kB
    Mlocked:0 kB
    SwapTotal:0 kB
    SwapFree:0 kB
    Dirty:8 kB
    Writeback:0 kB
    AnonPages:16340 kB
    Mapped:7512 kB
    Shmem:232 kB
    Slab:18904 kB
    SReclaimable:10476 kB
    SUnreclaim:8428 kB
    KernelStack:576 kB
    PageTables:1880 kB
    NFS_Unstable:0 kB
    Bounce:0 kB
    WritebackTmp:0 kB
    CommitLimit:251368 kB
    Committed_AS:59536 kB
    VmallocTotal:34359738367 kB
    VmallocUsed:1012 kB
    VmallocChunk:34359737347 kB
    HardwareCorrupted:0 kB
    AnonHugePages:0 kB
    HugePages_Total:0HugePages_Free:0HugePages_Rsvd:0HugePages_Surp:0Hugepagesize:2048 kB
    DirectMap4k:32756 kB
    DirectMap2M:491520 kB
  • dd
     dd if=/dev/zero of=test bs=16k count=8k conv=fdatasync && rm -rf test
    8192+0 records in8192+0 records out134217728 bytes (134 MB) copied,0.517171 s,260 MB/s
  • wget
    wget -O /dev/null--2014-04-2014:30:30-- ( to (||:80... connected.
    HTTP request sent, awaiting response...200 OK
    Length:104857600(100M)[application/octet-stream]Saving to:`/dev/null'
    100%[===========================================================================================>] 104,857,600 92.9M/s   in 1.1s
    2014-04-20 14:30:31 (92.9 MB/s) - `/dev/null' saved [104857600/104857600]





2192.241.164.237( ms  1.376 ms  1.346 ms
 3192.241.164.249( ms  0.322 ms  0.306 ms
 4 ( ms  0.761 ms  0.923 ms
 5 ( ms ( ms  0.527 ms
 6 ( ms  6.547 ms  10.868 ms
 7 ( ms  10.385 ms  10.358 ms
 8 ( ms  88.377 ms  95.867 ms
 9 ( ms  90.572 ms  92.313 ms
10 ( ms  100.788 ms  92.872 ms


2192.241.164.241( ms  7.738 ms  7.726 ms
 3 ( ms  0.646 ms  0.666 ms
 4 ( ms  0.920 ms  1.383 ms
 5 ( ms  1.321 ms  1.236 ms
 6 ( ms ( ms ( ms
 7 ( ms ( ms  90.610 ms
 8 ( ms ( ms ( ms
 9 ( ms  75.884 ms  83.365 ms
10149.11.142.74( ms  75.621 ms  75.785 ms


2192.241.164.237( ms  0.327 ms  0.321 ms
 3 ( ms  0.322 ms  0.314 ms
 4 ( ms ( ms  0.720 ms
 5 ( ms  83.399 ms  83.393 ms
 6 ( ms ( ms ( ms
 7 ( ms  84.603 ms  83.560 ms
 892.79.211.209( ms  89.882 ms  89.543 ms
 992.79.202.50( ms  90.824 ms  90.808 ms
1092.79.203.170( ms  89.025 ms  89.863 ms
11188.111.149.118( ms  93.053 ms  93.044 ms
12145.253.180.28( ms  95.253 ms  94.936 ms

What services are running?

  • MongoDB cluster node (shard)
  • Ruby cron jobs



Did not write a single ticket.


Overall experience:

Good uptime, good network and a good vps.

Their panel is offering the needed controls too:







And the final 3 seconds last for about 15 seconds:



And a non Java vnc client:


As I said on the Vultr review:

The DO droplet was not as fast as the Vultr one – but not slow at all.

Do does not support as much locations as Vultr.

Do does not support as much templates as Vultr.

But DO does offer real droplets.


You can manage your ssh keys:


And DO is offering two different datacenters on each location.


And DO is supporting templates right out of snapshots.


And DO is offering a rich API.


What is this all about?

Basically DO is supporting one great workflow:

  1. Create ssh key for DO
  2. Import ssh key to DO
  3. Create one droplet with reference to ssh key
  4. Install and configure everything
  5. Create snapshot
  6. Create API account
  7. Automate the rest

You can create your own templates which do include a whole vps.

You can then attach defined groups of ssh keys automatically to a new vps.

You have an API which can handle just right about everything DO is offering.


So you are able to automate your deployments.

Just image a script that is checking your load of a MongoDB cluster.

This script would be able to create a new droplet (with template MongoDB cluster node) and 2 minutes later a new MongoDB server on Ubuntu is running.

Everything configured and you just have to login – even your ssh keys are allready set.

Failover heaven due to the two datacenters in one location thing of DO.


It is not that easy to compare DO and Vultr.

They are not the same, they even don’t try to offer the same service.


As a private person who needs a solid box to test a new server/script I would prefer Vultr – the easy way to get a vps fast for a short or long amount of time.
They offer more templates on more locations – easy win.

But if I had to build a whole system enviroment with some servers and I do need that extra service (templates, ssh key management, API, …) I would choose DO.
On that area DO is beyond any competitors… well if you have enough money you can go to Amazon/Microsoft.


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