Cheap but still good VPS Hosting

Cheap but still good VPS Hosting

Finding Cheap VPS Hosting To start with, when you are looking for cheap VPS hosting, it is helpful to know that many of the hosting companies that

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Finding Cheap VPS Hosting

To start with, when you are looking for cheap VPS hosting, it is helpful to know that many of the hosting companies that cater to that market segment actually tend to be found by clients more often in online forums than they do through their own branding. One of the reasons for this is that many of the hosting companies that are small can build their reputation by providing solid service among those who are looking for cheap VPS hosting themselves. It may sound like a throwback to the early days of the internet, but because these companies offer such good pricing options, their customers often are willing to spend the time to actually share their honest experience with them and recommend them to others in a forum format if they like them. Most online forums can be found by doing an internet search for inexpensive VPS hosts.

Rating Cheap VPS Hosting For Your Firm

Once you have found several candidates that you want to choose one from, you will find that they often offer very similar pricing for similar features, making service and scalability become more important in your purchasing decision. You will also likely find that many of the answers to your service questions will be contained in the online forum where you found their promotion or information. One caveat that should be mentioned as you look through the service ratings that you find from specific customers: companies often pay people to provide positive feedback. On the other hand, reading the feedback with a critical eye and correlating the ratings by combining several experiences will still net you an accurate reading.

Here are some key service questions you should think about:

  • If you have a problem and complain, does the company cancel your account?
  • Do you need to pay for customer support?
  • Has the company experienced noticeable outages in service?

After you have determined which firms meet your service level criteria for cheap VPS hosting, you can then take a look at the scalability factor. This will often entail visiting each site and choosing different pricing configuration options based upon your current needs, and importantly, your future needs.

Memory, CPU, and Bandwidth Considerations

If the firm that you are looking at offers a great price on a base package, but charges a lot for memory upgrades, it will be worth your while to compare their higher memory price at say 1 GB with the other vendors that you are looking at before making a decision.

CPU considerations can also weigh heavily on how well your VPS performs. If you are unsure about how much robustness you need, finding a firm that allows you to increase your CPU number or speed on the fly will allow you to make adjustments if you need to.

From a pricing perspective, bandwidth is definitely an x-factor. In fact, when you are comparing cheap VPS hosting companies that are independent with some of the industry giants that cost a bit more for a standardized package, you might find that unlike other features, the companies that offer the highest amount of bandwidth for the price are actually the larger ones.

So shop well and remember that reasonably-priced configuration flexibility in a vendor should be one of your ultimate goals.

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