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Budget servers

Budget dedicated servers Up to 20 €

  • Kimsufi (France / Canada) The low-cost brand OVH. almost nonexistent support.
  • Online.net (France) Unmetered. Good relationship between price and value.
  • Scaleway (France) The particular “cloud” of Online.net. ARM machines dedicated SAN with SSD storage.
  • Digicube (France) Atoms from 10 €. Unmetered.
  • Ikoula (France) Very strict identity verification. English understood them is … complicated.
  • FirstHeberg (France) The phone verification does not work with foreigners, it avoided paying the bills directly from the panel.
  • OneProvider (France) Partners officers of Online.net. Servers from 7 €.
  • Scaleway (France) The particular cloud Online.net, ARM machines with four dedicated cores.
  • Server4You (France / Missouri) more than reasonable offers housed in a mediocre ISP.
  • SeFlow (Italy) Good deals, decent service, unreliable company.
  • Aruba (Italy) reliable provider.
  • BoxColo (United Kingdom) The cheapest dedicated in UK. Allow to send your own hard drives.
  • Fusa (Belgium) Good deals, but the bandwidth is expensive in Belgium. Prohibit game servers, torrents, IRC and Tor on your network.
  • FORPSI (Czech Republic) The cheapest option for CZ / SK.
  • FinalHosting (Czech Republic) Support staff speaks English although the web is not translated.
  • WORLDSTREAM (Netherlands) Good ISP and good deals.
  • Servdiscount (Germany) The low-cost brand myLoc / Webtropia.
  • Hetzner (Germany) System reverse auctions. Also, servers ARM .
  • EUserv (Germany) Series “Misurfi” imitating OVH. Unmetered.
  • Slask Data Center (Poland) Cheap, but the quality of service leaves much to be desired.
  • Hosting.UA (Ukraine) very economical option in Ukraine, unmetered. The building has already been set on fire twice.
  • PlanetaHost (Russia) Probably the cheapest servers in the region.
  • Hostlix.RU (Russia) Very attractive prices in a single localicación (Novosibirsk).


  • VolumeDrive (Pennsylvania) American OVH, with an equally bad service and cheap.
  • Joe’s Datacenter (Kansas City) do not have the most modern hardware but offer good service.
  • Wholesale Internet (Kansas City) Servers for less than $ 30. WHT occasional offers from $ 20.
  • Server Complete (Jacksonville, FL) Deals from $ 20 on WHT.
  • Delimiter VPS (Atlanta, GA) Atoms for $ 5 and dual Xeon to $ 20. Annual payment.
  • Server4You (France / Missouri) more than reasonable offers housed in a mediocre ISP.

From 20 € to 40 €

  • i3D (Netherlands) have one of the best networks in Europe.
  • PoundHost (UK) economic and quality in UK Option.
  • inAsset Networks (Spain) are tatty, but cheap and in Spain. Contact the Sales Department.


  • DataShack (Kansas City) decent with lots of transfer Servers.
  • QuickPacket (Atlanta / Las Vegas) are not much, but cheap. Contact the Sales Department.
  • Dacentec (Lenoir, NC) Rent to own, good technical support.

Raspberry Pi Servers

  • FitVPS (Bulgaria) require identity verification, do not allow host pornography.
  • NX-BOX (France) option in France, somewhat expensive but advertised 10Mbps unmetered.
  • miniNodes (Phoenix, AZ) The amateur alternative. They seem to be housed in a connection Cox and domain whois is false.

If you know more ISPs that offer dedicated for less than 20 € on servers anywhere in the world, let me know to add them. You can also recommend suppliers from 20 to 40 euros for the second list, but only if they have deals with very low margins.

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