Best VPS deals

HostPrice (Monthly)Price (Year)VirtualizationVcoresMemoryDiskBandwidthIpv4Location
BandwagonHost3.99 $42.99 $OpenVZ11024 MB40 GB4000 GB1EU/LT
Host1Plus.com4 $36.94$OVZ1512 MB25 GB1000GB1GER
Host1Plus.com4 $36.94$OVZ1512 MB25 GB1000GB1Africa
Host1Plus.com4 $36.94$OVZ1512 MB25 GB1000GB1Brazil
HostUS.us4.95 $69.50$OVZ4512 MB20 GB200 GB1USA
DigitalOcean.com5 $60$OVZ1512 MB20 GB1000GB1USA/NL
Prometeus.com5 €60€KVM2512 MB25 GB2000 GB1USA
BlueVM5.00 $50.00 $OpenVZ2512 MB25 GB1000 GB1USA/EU
Marblehost.com14.99 $-OVZ11024 MB20 GB300 GB1USA
HostGator.com32 $383$OVZ11024 MB60 GB1000 GB2USA
SiteGround.com51 €500 €KVM22048 MB40 GB1000 GB1USA
GreenValueHost-34.95 $OpenVZ11024 MB50 GB3000 GB1USA
Arvixe40$OpenVZ11,5 GB50 GBUnlimited1USA
VULTR.com5$OpenVZ1768 GB15 GB1500 GB1USA
WPEngine29.00$OpenVZ1768 GB10 GB1500 GB1USA


Memory is the guaranteed amount of RAM in Mb. Some suppliers use virtualization technology that allows more memory in bursts. Disk is he amount of disk space in Gb. Bandwidth in Gb is he amount of traffic allowed per month. Please note that “unlimited” may involve other types of restrictions. Price is the monthly or yearly price based on a one month/ year pre-paid contract including setup fee.