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Best Alternatives for DigitalOcean and Vultr

We all know cheap and quality VpS/Cloud hosting providers DigitalOcean.com  and Vultr.com . But if you need any alternative, for example for new Ip’s, new locations? What to choose when?

If you need to create many VPS a day, for different IP’s  (ipv4), so we need to find more providers who can offer:

  • Hourly price (pay as you go) (Paypal, credit card, skrill).
  • Create multiple VPS at the same time with different IP.

And we Found top 5 picks for some similar service like Digitalocean and Vulr. So we found some similar and reliable projects you can choose from:






Some prices are a bit higher comparing to digitalocean and vultr, but service is as stable as two providers mentioned in topic.






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