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AlphaRacks.com – $10/year 512MB/RAM OpenVZ VPS in US LA

AlphaRacks sent to the latest concessions in the summer, mainly related to the OpenVZ and KVM two different series.The data center for the Losangeles quadranet, the bandwidth of 100Mbps, but the flow to the very sufficient. Host host using xeon5620/5639 series, 128G memory, 4x2t+raid10 array, host 2x1Gbps uplink bandwidth.

Default provides DDOS protection services, provided by the quadranet official.The third month KVM program, including a windows2008 genuine authority.

The offer list

$9.99/year OpenVZ VPS

  • CPU Cores:1Core
  • RAM:512MB
  • DISK:10GB
  • Bandwidth:1TB
  • Public Uplink:100Mbps
  • Virtual:OpenVZ
  • Pire:$9.99/year
  • Order Link


Test IP

QuadraNet – Los Angeles, CA (US)
Network Mix: PCCW, NTT, ChinaTelecom, ChinaUnicom, Telia, GTT, and Zayo
Test IPv4:
Test IPv6: 2607:fcd0:0:a::2
Test file: http://repos.lax-noc.com/speedtests/100mb.bin

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